IQF Vegetables.

Artichoke Baby whole, halves, quarters, hearts, grilled 10kg
Aubergine Diced, sliced, strips, roasted, pre-fried 10kg
Broccoli Florets, stalks, crumb, rice 10kg
Butternut Squash Diced, roasted 10kg
Carrot Baby, diced, strips, slices, crinkle-cut, rice (NPD) 10kg
Cauliflower Florets, rice 10kg
Courgette Diced, slice, crinkle-cut, strips, quarters, sixths. 10kg
Beans Romano, Edamame Pods, Green, Broad – sliced, whole 10kg
Leek Diced, sliced 10kg
Mushroom Button, Black Fungus, Nameko, Oyster, Shitake – whole, sliced, roasted 10kg
Onion White, Red – diced, sliced, roasted, pre-fried 10kg
Peas Fine, petit pois, peapods 10kg
Pepper Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Flame – diced, sliced, crumb, roasted, prefried 10kg
Pumpkin Diced, roasted 10kg
Spinach Whole leaves, leaf portions, chopped 10kg
Sweetcorn Standard, supersweet, baby cobs, roasted, whole cobs 10kg
Tomato Standard, Cherry, Plum – diced, quarters, halves, sliced, oven roasted. 10kg

Dried Vegetables

Dried vegetables are available in flake, cube, granule and powder format
Asparagus Chilli Lentils (pre-cooked) Red cabbage
Aubergine Chives Mixed mushroom Savoy cabbage
Bell pepper Courgette Mushrooms Shallot
Black Carrot Dill Onion Spinach
Brocolli Garlic Parsley Spring onion
Carrots Green beans Parsnips Sweet potato
Cauliflower Horseradish Peas (pre-cooked) Tomato
Celery leaves Jalapeno Potato Vegetable mixes
Celery root Kale Pumpkin White cabbage
Chanterelle Leek Red beetroot Wild garlic

*The majority of products are also available in organic format